Banner School in Financial Readiness

2019 Application

An award to schools for demonstrated success in achieving students who are economically and financially prepared to participate in the real world.


Award winners are Mississippi Schools

2019 award winners will receive recognition at the annual Forum on American Enterprise luncheon in September 2019. Winners will receive a banner to display designating the school as a Mississippi Banner School in Financial Readiness. Administrators will be given the opportunity to award at least one $500 scholarship to a student who is achieving the highest success. Designations are for a two year period at which time a school may reapply.


The purposes of the Mississippi Banner School in Financial Readiness are:

  • To recognize Mississippi schools who are effectively teaching students economic, financial and entrepreneurial skills;
  • To reward demonstrated success in student achievement in economic and financial literacy and
  • To reward students who are experiencing the greatest success in achieving demonstrated economic and financial literacy.


Twenty-first century skills require demonstrated success of students in informed decision-making and problem solving including skills learned through economic and financial literacy. Since 2004, the Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE) together with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) have provided the state’s only professional development program for K-12 teachers in economic, financial and entrepreneurial education, which are included in the MDE’s curriculum framework. Basic financial readiness includes an understanding of the U.S. and State financial systems, competency in personal financial management; and an appreciation of business management and operation.


To date, 10,000 K-12 teachers have received professional development including the Council for Economic Education curriculum that brings interactive standards-based economic, financial and entrepreneurial lessons to the classroom. The results indicate that teachers who complete the Master Teacher in Economics certification increase their own economic literacy 40 points with pre course scores of 62 percent and post course scores of 86 percent on a Test of Economic Literacy. Our state’s students are also demonstrating economic and financial literacy in state competitions such as the Stock Market Game and the MS Personal Finance and Economic Challenges.



  1. All Mississippi 6-12 grade public, private or parochial schools may enter.
  2. Entries must follow, precisely, the instructions outlined on the Entry Form.
  3. The instructional programs must be taught in the period August 2018 to May 2019. The entry must be submitted to MCEE by May 31, 2019.
  4. Eligible schools are limited to one entry per year.
  5. The MCEE selects individuals to serve as the Committee of Judges. The decisions by the judges are final. Number of prizes awarded in each category is at the discretion of the judges.
  6. All entries become property of the MCEE and the winners’ information will be released to the media and posted on the MCEE website.

Questions?  Contact MCEE if you have questions about the application or rules. Phone: 601-974-1325 or email: