Economics Teacher of the Year Application

The Purpose of the Economics Teacher of the Year Award

• To stimulate improvement in economic, entrepreneurship and financial education teaching practices;
• To encourage educators to develop descriptions of their successful teaching practices;
• To recognize outstanding educators who effectively teach economic, entrepreneurship and financial education principles;
• To encourage replication of successful teaching by fostering a widening and continuing exchange of ideas in economic education among educators throughout Mississippi in every level of education; and
• To recognize a teacher that is actively involved in the MS Council on Economic Education programming.


The Economics Teacher of the Year will receive:
• $500 cash award
• All-expenses-paid trip to the Council on Economic Education Annual Conference in October 2019

In addition to the cash prize, the winner will receive an inscribed award and will be recognized in statewide media and honored during the annual Forum on American Enterprise luncheon in September 2019 in Jackson.

Eligibility and Rules

• All K-12 certified teachers from public, private or parochial schools may enter. Winners may reapply after a two-year waiting period.

• Eligible teachers are limited to one entry per year. Non-winning entries from previous years’ competitions may be revised and re-taught for submission. Previous winning entries may not be resubmitted.

•The instructional programs or activities used as documentation of success in the classroom must have been taught in the period August 1, 2017 to May 1, 2019.

• The entry must be the teacher’s own work. All references and resources used must be cited. Adaptation of another’s work must be indicated.

• All entries and accompanying materials become the property of the Mississippi Council on Economic Education and may be disseminated to educators throughout the state.

• Text must be 12 point type, double-spaced, on 8.5 x 11 inch document submitted as a pdf file. The official application form must be completed in its entirety. Photos may be included in the pdf document. Videos may also be sent as email attachments. Entries that do not follow this format will not be considered.

• Entries must be submitted by May 31, 2019.

Part 1. Essay

Describe your philosophy of teaching economics, entrepreneurship or personal finance for a specific grade level or course. Include answers to the following questions:

• What are some examples of your creative approaches to the teaching of economics, entrepreneurship and/or financial literacy?
• How have you motivated students and generated enthusiasm for the study of economics, entrepreneurship and/or financial literacy?
• How have you demonstrated that your knowledge of economics is appropriate for the grade level(s) you teach?
• How have you demonstrated expertise in utilizing a variety of appropriate methods, strategies and resources for teaching economics, entrepreneurship and/or financial literacy?
• What other unique qualities do you possess which enhance your nomination?
• What MS Council on Economic Education programming have you participated in as a teacher and with your students?
• Briefly describe your class and school, school district/system and the student demographics of each.

Part 2. Documented success in the classroom

In support of your essay, provide a concise overview of the classroom project on which you based your essay answers. Discuss the major outcomes of the instruction and its impact on the students. Provide a chronological list of all lessons and activities related to the project. Identify economic, entrepreneurship and/or financial literacy concepts presented. Include approximate time required and a brief explanation of each session.

Choose three (3) of your most effective, innovative lesson plans designed for direct instruction of economic, entrepreneurship and/or financial concepts. Lesson plan refers to work accomplished during 1-3 class sessions. Lessons are to be written in the following format: Lesson Description, Grade Level, Economic Content Strands and Benchmarks, state Social Studies Frameworks, Economic, Personal Finance or Entrepreneurship standards, Student Objectives, Time Required, materials, Procedure, Closure, Assessment, Extension Activities (optional).

Describe the student outcomes including how you assessed them. Evaluation
tools might include: applications of learning, performance assessments, pre and post-test results, student portfolios, written work, videos or any other assessment instrument or technique. Provide data supporting student achievement. Be specific.

Include a bibliographical listing of all resources and reference materials used (required).

May include student work, newspaper articles, photos, and so on.

Videos that support the application are welcome as long as they are submitted in a format that can be attached to your registration or emailed, i.e. mp4.

Part 3. Vita

Include a vita or biographical essay outlining educational background and teaching experience.

Part 4. Letters of support

Include up to three signed letters/statements from representatives of appropriate groups as part of your application (i.e. students, parents, fellow teachers, chairpersons, principals, curriculum directors, superintendent). One letter/statement MUST be from your principal. These submissions may be in written letter format or video statements submitted as a MP4 file.