Workshops- Webinars

The Mississippi Council on Economic Education is pleased to partner with our national Council for Economic Education (CEE) and NextGen Personal Finance (NGPF) to bring you professional development webinars for teachers nationwide. The webinars cover multiple topics on how to integrate personal finance and economics in the classroom and create a fun learning experience for your students.

When you attend the webinar(s), you will leave with relevant lessons, resources and tools that can be implemented the next day. Mississippi teachers earn 0.1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for each webinar. You must attend a minimum of 5 in order to apply for and receive CEU credit. You must attend a live webinar in order to receive a certificate of completion. Example: 5 webinars = 0.5 CEU’s

When you have completed a minimum of 5 webinars please collect the certificates of completion that you have received from either/or CEE and NGPF and complete the form below to apply for your CEU Credit. CEU’s will be issued to you by email within 30 days of receipt.




**Many of the webinars are interactive so it is recommended that you participate from a desktop or laptop computer rather than your smart phone.**




  • January 15: How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World: Economics and Geography
  • January 22: Economics of Immigration
  • January 22: Investing Series #1: What’s an Index Fund?
  • January 24: Brush Up On: Taxes
  • January 29: Cybersecurity in the Online Global Community


  • February 6: Teaching Economics through Games
  • February 12: Made About Trade
  • February 13: Daring to Dream: Using Picture Books to Teach Economics
  • February 26: Investing Series #2: Mind Games: The Psychology of Investing
  • February 27: Entrepreneurship–Shark Tank
  • February 28: Brush Up On: Insurance


  • March 5: Cybersecurity in the Online Global Economy
  • March 6: The Federal Reserve and Banking System
  • March 12: Bite into Economics: Children’s Literature
  • March 19: The Downside of Protectionism
  • March 19: Investing Series #3: How to Start Investing
  • March 20: Using Harry Potter to Teach Economics and Personal Finance
  • March 27: Is the Price Right?
  • March 28: Brush Up On: Types of Credit


  • April 2: From Book to Big Screen: Children’s Literature and Economics
  • April 3: Personal Finance and Macroeconomics
  • April 10: Titanic–Lessons Learned
  • April 16: Economic Dilemma: Global Refugees
  • April 17: Keynes vs. Keynesians
  • April 25: Brush Up On: Managing Credit
  • April 30: Economics of Poverty


  • May 7: Podcasts
  • May 8: Hoover: Laissez Faire or Architect of the New Deal?
  • May 14: Rock and Roll Music and the Berlin Wall
  • May 15: Blowing a Bubble: Part II – The Securitization of the U.S. Housing Market
  • May 16: Brush Up On: Saving
  • May 21: Lawn Care for Fun and Profit
  • May 28: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


  • June 5: Can China Be Responsible?
  • June 12: Plessy vs. Ferguson
  • June 18: From Book to Big Screen: Young Adult Literature
  • June 27: Brush Up On: Checking


  • July 9 (CEE): Budgeting
  • July 10 (CEE): Leadership & Ethics
  • July 16 (CEE): Money Management
  • July 17 (CEE): Lifelong Learning
  • July 23 (CEE): The Job Search Process
  • July 24 (CEE): Workplace Regulations
  • July 30 (CEE): Career Readiness
  • July 31 (CEE): Consumer Options & Protections


  • August 6 (CEE): Interest
  • August 7 (CEE): Investing
  • August 14 (CEE): Business Communications and Technological Innovation
  • August 20 (CEE): Credit & Loans
  • August 21 (CEE): Insurance