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International Economic Summit- Teacher Training

Description: The Summit is a simulation of the global economy. It is an effective learning experience for middle and high school students on globalization, international relations and economics. At the Summit, student teams, representing the nations of today’s complex world, compete for scarce resources, form strategic country alliances, discuss global issues, invest in long term development projects, interact with global economic institutions, and seek to stabilize and advance the global economy. Come to this one day training so you can learn how the Summit works and show your students how to win!

For: Middle school and high school teachers



  • Teacher Training: September 26, 2017; 9:00am-4:00pm; Jackson, MS
  • Summit Competition: December 5, 2017; Mississippi College- Clinton, MS; 9:00am-3:00pm (separate divisions for middle school and high school)


  • Teacher Training: NO COST TO YOU! The training fee of $500 is paid on your behalf if you agree to bring a minimum of 3 teams to the Summit Competition on December 5, 2017; Classroom Summit Practice Kit provided; Lunch provided; 0.7 CEU’s at no cost; $50 stipend payable to you after the workshop.
  • Summit Competition: NO COST TO YOU! $120 per team is paid on your behalf; lunch is provided for teachers and students; Transportation expenses reimbursed by MCEE.

What’s in it for me?:

  • $50 stipend for attending the teacher training on 9/26/17
  • 0.7 CEU’s at no cost
  • $500 teacher training fee paid on your behalf (includes your Summit Classroom Practice Kit)
  • Team fees of $120 per team paid on your behalf
  • Reimbursement of transportation expenses to schools for attending the Summit on 12/5/17

Contact: 601-974-1325; mscee@millsaps.edu





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Stock Market Game

Description: The Mississippi Stock Market Game (SMG) is a simulation of a real market, designed to involve students in the world of finance and investing as a means of helping them learn about how a market economy works. Student teams of 3 to 5 students invest a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks and compete for the best portfolio performance. There are two separate 14-week programs each year; one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

The program is available to all public and private students throughout the state of Mississippi in grades 4 through 12. The program is adaptable for many different classes, including social studies, mathematics, economics, business, technology, gifted, MOD, Special Education, and club activities. Students learn to develop team strategies, make decisions, and become informed about investment and economic terms. They also learn to see the connection between world events and their investments.

In this ONLINE ON-DEMAND teacher training, learn how to implement the SMG in your classroom!

For: 4-12 grade teachers

When: The program is scheduled to launch on 9/1/17 but we are accepting pre-registrations now. Sign up below!


Fee: No registration fee

Requirements: Must have a desktop, laptop or tablet with internet capability.

What’s in it for me?: Free curriculum and 0.5 CEUs.

Contact: 601-974-1325 or mscee@millsaps.edu




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